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Join my Facebook group to unlock unique offers, product updates, sneak peaks and raffle prizes ❤️ Copy the link below into the search tab on Facebook and click join it’s as easy as that ☺️

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About us

A little bit about me ☺️I’m Rachel, this photo pretty much sums me up mum to a lovely son who is 16 and Teddy who is 2.I work full time in an amazing job which I love but over the years being a single mum and working full time has taken its toll on my own mental health and I have struggled to switch off and relax, there’s always something to worry or stress about!As a young girl my lovely mum taught me how to knit, crochet and sew, she would always be sat with a ball of wool somewhere on sewing something, sadly I lost her when I was 20 and she left a massive hole in my life!Picture...

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